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We strongly believe that the Alliance Française must offer students something more than what is currently being provided in secondary school. With this aim, the Alliance offers academic support, preparation for certificates, workshops and special programmes during school holidays and summer break.
In contrast to most Irish institutes we take no more than 15 students per group to ensure the best learning experience for all.


AF Calendar for Teenagers classes

Join anytime in one of our 3 terms of 16 weeks all year round or in one of our many one-off workshops and camps!

Available Terms 1,2

These courses are designed as a compliment to classes attended at secondary school. They provide a diversification and broadening of the language in an interactive way.

Teachers focus on interests and topics relevant to the participants as well as the requirements of the syllabus. The Alliance Française Dublin employs and trains the best native French teachers in Ireland. They all are qualified experienced in teenager classes.
Private tuition is also available.

1st YEAR   /  1st YEAR
Complete Beginners 
This course is designed for 11 to 13 year olds who are in their 1st year of French at secondary school. It will help them acquire the basics of the language. 

2nd YEAR 
This course is designed for 12 to 14 year olds who are in their 2nd year of French at secondary school. Students will improve their communication skills and develop their awareness of French culture. 

3rd YEAR: Preparation to Junior Certificate  
This class is specifically designed for students who are preparing for the Junior Certificate examination. Particular attention will be paid to aural and written comprehension to meet the requirements of the Junior Cert syllabus.

4th YEAR   /  4th YEAR Complete Beginners 
In this class, Transition Year students will work on a variety of projects and activities which interest them, using modern interactive techniques.

This course is designed solely for students in 5th Year at Secondary School. They will deepen their knowledge of aural and oral French through various activities especially adapted to this age group. Reading and writing techniques will also be developed, as well as their knowledge of French culture.

6TH YEAR: Preparation to the Leaving Certificate
This course is especially designed for students in their final year at school preparing for the Leaving Certificate examination. Particular attention will be paid to oral and aural French to meet the requirements of the syllabus and students will be encouraged to undertake projects to improve their written skills.

Class Format
Where a textbook is required, details will be given on the first day of the course. Most materials will be provided by the teachers. Maximum number of students per class is 15.

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Available Terms 1, 2

These courses are specifically designed for teenagers who have lived in a French-speaking country or who have a French parent. Classes are conducted entirely through French.

The class will focus on typical language difficulties that a bilingual teenager would encounter at secondary school level.
Using textbooks, students will develop their knowledge and mastery of the language, covering a variety of topics:
- Oral and vocabulary
- Writing and grammar through various materials such as blogs, emails, interviews, magazines, letters, ads…
- Introduction to literary texts
- Introduction to civilisations from the Francophonie
- Projects
- Preparation for the DELF Junior B1 and B2

Ados Bilingues 

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Available School Breaks (Halloween, Xmas, February, Easter) and during Term 3 (Summer)

Intensive Preparation for the JC & LC Exams
Every school break, the Alliance provides short intensive preparation for the Leaving Certificate Oral examination that includes a mock oral!

French Summer Programmes
Our summer courses are designed to complement classes already attended at secondary school and to lay the groundwork for the school year ahead in an interactive and fun way, with a focus on interests and topics relevant to the participants.
3 groups are available: Junior Teens (students going into 2nd Year, 3rd Year and Transition Year), Senior Teens (students going into 5th and 6th year) Starter Teens (complete beginners).

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