Terms & Conditions of Sales

  1. Students must be on time for lessons.


  1. Students may not use their mobile phone in the classrooms for any reason unless directed by the teacher.


  1. Students must respect all other students and staff and true to Alliance Française values must not offend anyone because of their nationality, religion, gender etc.


  1. Anti-social behaviour (such as being rude, aggressive, bullying, sexually suggestive or disruptive) will not be tolerated. This includes any such behaviour online via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.


  1. The teacher reserves the right to ask a student to leave the class if they display any behaviour that is threatening to the student or the teacher or negatively affects the atmosphere of the class. In such case you will automatically be referred to the Director of Alliance Française Dublin.


  1. Students must not act in a way which causes injury or a risk of injury to any person or the Alliance Française Dublin premises.


  1. Students/parents and guardians must not provide false information to Alliance Française Dublin.


  1. There should be no unwarranted interference with the safety equipment, fire-fighting equipment and alarm systems on the premises.


  1. Students are responsible for their own property while on the Alliance Française Dublin premises and should retain their belongings with them at all times.


  1. The Tobacco (Health Promotion Protection) Regulations 1990 prohibit the smoking of tobacco in any part of the Alliance Française Dublin premises.


  1. The consumption of alcohol (unless at a function organised by Alliance Française Dublin) or the use of drugs on the Alliance Française premises is absolutely prohibited and no student shall attend a class while under the influence of alcohol, drink or drugs.


  1. Students under the age of 12 years must be supervised at all times while on the premises of Alliance Française (save while they are in class).


  1. No student under 18 shall use a lift unless accompanied by an adult.