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Taking place from 11 to 16 November 2019, Science Week Ireland is a yearly festival which celebrates science and research with more than 1,000 events organised throughout Ireland. For the 2nd year, the Embassy of France in Ireland & Alliance Française Dublin have partnered with researchers, artists and performers to offer a line-up of events with a special French touch: the French Festival at Science Week!

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Earth from the Moon:
A first glance into relativity
  Apéro Scientifique:
Vaccines & Antibiotics
  "Native Scientists"
Children's Workshop

Monday 11 November – 6.30pm
Admission free
As part of French Festival at Science Week

As part of Science Week Ireland 2019, we are inviting children from 10 years old to a hands-on workshop with Dr. Estelle Blanquet, Researcher/ Associate Professor in Science Education at University de Bordeaux. This workshop in French will feature an interactive scientific inquiry about the Earth-Moon relationship, challenging many classic misconceptions. Participants will use both their own bodies and spheres to model the Earth-Moon system and discover that the description of the movement of an object depends on where it is observed, or in other words, on the observer's "frame of reference".


Tuesday 12 November – 6.30pm
Admission free
As part of French Festival at Science Week

Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy are delighted to invite you to a new season of Apéros Scientifiques, a series of discussions in French about science and society  with the help of a panel of expert moderators!
In our global world, diseases represent a significant challenge. How does the distrust in vaccines and antibiotic resistance affect public health? How can we remedy the spread of tuberculosis and measles? Come ask your questions and take part in the debate while enjoying a glass of wine in Alliance Francaise Dublin’s new Café Chez Max!


Saturday 16 November – 11am
Admission free
As part of French Festival at Science Week

The "Native Scientist" workshops are back: a fantastic opportunity for kids who speak French at home, to learn about science while developing their language skills and meeting role models!
Children will have the opportunity to learn about science with French-speaking senior researchers from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.
Organised in partnership by Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy, coordinated by Dr Marie-Victoire Guillot-Sestier (Native Scientist coordinator at Trinity College Dublin), as part of the Science Week Ireland 2019.

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