January 2020 #161


The entire Alliance Française Dublin team hopes that you enjoyed the holiday season and wishes you all the very best for 2020.
2020 will mark the 60th anniversary of the official existence of Alliance Française Dublin. 60 candles…and still going from strength to strength: The recently-published Fondation Alliance Française activity report for European Alliances Françaises outside a French-speaking country shows that AF Dublin now ranks number one for enrolments, number one for the number of Instagram followers, and confirms its pole position for the number of cultural events.Your Alliance Française even appears on the world podium, ranking 10th for its number of Twitter followers.
There is no doubt that 2020 will be another outstanding year at 1 Kildare Street, and the whole team is excited to share with you the best we have on offer to give you the most vibrant “French experience” in Dublin.And there will be lots of opportunities over the next 12 months!
A très bientôt… pour vous souhaiter en personne « une bonne et heureuse année »!

Thierry Lagnau, Directeur de l’Alliance Française de Dublin / Coordinateur des Alliances Françaises en Irlande, tlagnau@alliance-francaise.ie

Certification   Workshop
French Diplomas
for Children
  The French Library's
Registration opens 6 January
More information

Have you heard about the DELF Prim? This official, internationally recognised and valid for life French exam, tailored for children (7 to 12 years old), allows them to obtain their very first diploma with a very recreational test!

Alliance Française Dublin will organise a DELF Prim session on Saturday 4 April from 3pm. Register from 6 January to 3 February!


Every Tuesday from 7 January
Admission free

Calling all knitting lovers! The French Library is launching a new free collaborative workshop, Trico'thé, let's knit, make friends and have some tea! All levels, in crocheting or French, are welcome!
The Library provides the space, cups and hot water while you bring your material, tea and enthusiasm!
If you wish to take part or facilitate the event, contact us at: library@alliance-francaise.ie

Screening / Competition   Screening / Talk
IFI French Film Club:
  First Fortnight Festival
"Les invisibles"

Thursday 9 January – 6.20pm
€11.50 / €8.50 AF & IFI Members 

The first French Film Club of the year is the 2019 French drama film Amanda directed by Mikhaël Hers (Ce sentiment de l'été).
Amanda is a calm and airy study of a young Parisian (Vincent Lacoste) learning to care for his orphaned niece (Isaure Multrier). It is also an examination of healing and learning to live again after the 2015 terror attacks.

As always, Alliance Française Members get a 20% discount and free tickets on our Twitter!

Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin 2


Tuesday 14 January – 6pm
Admission free

As part of First Fortnight Festival, Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy are delighted to present a special screening of Les Invisibles. Louis-Julien Petit moved audiences and critics alike last year with his latest comedy-drama set in a women's homeless shelter.
The film will be preceded by short film Home by poet Enda Wyley & visual artist Anita Goener, and followed by a discussion on homelessness chaired by First Fortnight Ambassador Mélissa Coyne with Eithne Swaine, Austin Campbell and Louisa Santoro.

Games   Teachers' Training
The French Library's
Board Game Evening
  Activités pour l'oral du Leaving Certificate

Thursday 16 January – 6.30pm
Admission free

With family, friends or solo, you can challenge yourself to "Carcassone", "Star Realms", "Les aventuriers du rail", "Azul" or "Code Names", collaborate to overcome "The Game", track down the "Loup-Garous de Thiercelieux", create a splendid "Hanabi", break through the secrets of "Mysterium" and many more!
Open to everyone, all levels of French welcome. If you would like to share your favourite game, don’t forget to bring it with you! You're also welcome to share something sweet to eat or soft drinks!


Tuesday 21 January – 5.30pm
Admission free

Another brand-new 2-hour workshop is coming your way, and this time it is dedicated to the fast-approaching Leaving Cert French oral. This workshop will concentrate on practical and interactive activities that will motivate students and give them more confidence before sitting their oral.

The workshop will be led by Marie-Odile Dromard, French teacher specialised in LC at Alliance Française Dublin. Places are limited, so be sure to book early!

Screening   Special Event
Cinéclub: Les
Triplettes de Belleville
  Meet Susie

Thursday 23 January – 7.40pm
€5 with a free glass of wine / Free for Premium Members  

Join us every month for a subtitled screening of a favourite film carefully selected by one member of our team.

This month, Annabelle Malandrin, Director of the French Library, has picked the 2003 animated comedy film Les Triplettes de Belleville, written and directed by Sylvain Chomet. The film was highly praised by audiences and critics for its unique style of animation, surreal atmosphere and music.

The Cinéclub is free for AF Premium Members. Win tickets on our Twitter!


Saturday 25 January – 11am
Admission free

Alliance Française Dublin is honoured to welcome acclaimed author/illustrator Susie Morgenstern for this event for children (from 7 years up), where she will share her passion for books and writing. Susie Morgenstern is particularly remarkable in the world of children’s literature, as she is a native English speaker who chooses to write in French, and who has written more than 100 books for children, teenagers and, more recently, adults.
Morgenstern has many bestsellers to her name, including La sixième, Confession d’une grosse patate and La la langue.
The event will be hosted by Juliette Saumande (My Little Album of Dublin), Dublin-based author and translator of children’s books.

New French courses

Courses for Minors


15-week term from January 27th

The Spring Term for minors will start from January 27th. It is open to both former and new students. General French courses and Bilingual courses are available for 15 weeks.
Our teachers are all Garda-vetted, native French speakers, trained and experienced in working with minors.
Please note all classes for minors are aligned with the Irish primary & secondary schools calendar.
Minors do not need a placement test and
can enrol directly online.


Courses for Adults


8-week term from February 3rd
Free placement tests every Mon, Tue & Wed, 5-7pm, from January 13th

The Spring Term will start from February 3th. It is open to both former and new students. General French courses, conversation courses, refreshers' classes, workshops, preparation for exams, intensive programs for  adults are available mornings or evenings from Monday to Friday for 8 weeks.

Placement tests are free of charge and no appointment is required. No preparation is needed. You don't need an assessment if you are a complete beginner or if you are already a student, you can enrol directly online.

Special Event   Social Game
La Petite Nuit des Idées:
Live Animals!
  The French Library's
Escape Game

Thursday 30 January – 6pm
Admission free 

La Nuit des idées (the Night of Ideas) organised worldwide by Institut Français celebrates the stream of ideas between countries, culture, topics and generations through talks, conferences, performances, screenings and more... for grown-ups, but for little people too!
Alliance Française Dublin's La Petite Nuit des idées invites children to a special concert on this year’s theme Être Vivant (Being Alive).

Children from 5 to 10 years old will take a closer look at different kinds of animals, from wild to domestic, loveable to loathsome, and fully embody them by miming, singing and dancing to lively odes performed by Little French Song, a wonderful piano/voice duo featuring Eli Chourdaki and Ariane Dubois.


Friday 31 January – 5.30pm
Admission free

Have you ever tried an "escape game"? Inspired by video games, this physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles to get out of a room has become one of the most popular social activities in both the US and Europe.

The French Library staff desperately needs your help to lift the curse of a ghost that has been haunting the place! You will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles in French using clues and hints left by the ghost!

Events for adults with a good level of French. Places are very limited so be sure to book early!

AF Drama Club   AF Choir
Alliance Française's
Club de Théâtre
  Alliance Française's

Every Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm from February 5th
sessions of 2 hours – €300  

If you enjoy telling stories, conveying emotions, sharing unforgettable moments of laughter and tears, come join the Alliance Française Club de Théâtre!
The drama club will be held in two parts: first, drama exercises with the goal of working on voice, listening and space / then group work on the texts that will be performed....All in readiness for a show in mid-June!
The workshop is led by Anne Abel Nakache, professional actress and teacher at
Alliance Française Dublin. Open to all but a minimum level of French is required.


Every Wednesday 12.45-2pm from February 5th
16 sessions of 1.15 hour – €80  

Rejoignez la Chorale Alliance Française !
Alliance Française DublinChoir is looking for new members! This year the Choir is celebrating its 11th anniversary and you are cordially invited to join its ranks!

Each year, participants work under the direction of professional teacher Lucie O'Flynn towards a Summer Concert. The workshop is open to everyone, student or not, no matter their level, both French speakers and non-speakers, welcome!

1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2
(+353) 1 676 17 32