June 2021 #178

In the light of the latest official recommendations, and following your requests, our Summer Term will be fully online. Starting from June 8th, we are offering new online courses, general and specialised, to adults of all ages and abilities, and, of course, our Online Summer Camps to children and teenagers: We adapted the magic formula which proved successful last year, and we are proud to offer a French experience that your children will enjoy…from the safety of your home.

Whether French holidays will be possible or not this Summer, Alliance Française Dublin has readied everything to bring a little bit of France to your home: our Wébinaires AF, online tours Musardise,
workshop Voyager en France, auditory experience La Sieste Musicale, cooking demonstrations, and Facebook Lives will whisk you away to different French regions and traditions.

While courses and events will remain online for most of the Summer, our building is now open to the public and you can avail safely of The French Library services and private tuition. We hope to see you there soon!

Gaëlle Mordelet, Course Director, gmordelet@alliance-francaise.ie

Summer Term
Summer Term Summer Term
Online French Courses
Online French Courses

8-week term
Starting from 
June 8th

General French courses, conversation courses, refreshers' classes, intensive programmes, specialised workshops, preparation for international diplomas,  are available for adults of any level morning, afternoon and evening times once or twice a week from Monday to Saturday for 8 weeks.

Assessments are free of charge and no appointment is required, you just to fill in this placement test! You do not need an assessment if you are a complete beginner or if you are already a student, you can enrol directly online.


2-week Summer Programmes
Starting from June 8th

Our Summer Courses for teenagers are designed to complement classes already attended at school and to lay the groundwork for the school year ahead. They provide a  broadening of the language in an interactive and fun way, with a focus on interests and topics relevant to the participants.
3 groups are available: Junior (for students going into 2nd and 3rd Year), Senior (for students going into 4th / 5th, into 6th year) Starter (students going into 1st Year or complete beginners).

Register for 2 camps or more and receive a 10% discount!
Summer Term Online Activity
Online French Courses
for Children
The French Library's
4-week term / 1-week Summer Camp
Starting from June 8th

From June 28th and until the end of August, our 
Online Summer Camps take place from Monday to Friday every week with different activities each week designed for 4-6 years old and 7-9 years old.

Classes will be led by Garda-Vetted, child-friendly native-French qualified teachers. All children are welcome, whatever their level!

Register for 2 camps or more and receive a 10% discount!
Wednesday 2 June 6pm  
Live on Zoom  

Musardise (idling in French) is the French Library's online immersive tours of the most important French museums & monuments!
This month, we invite you to the iconic Château de Chambord for a treasure hunt via Google Arts & Culture.
After a presentation, you'll be left alone to wander in the virtual castle and gardens and find a list of architectural elements as part of a team or by yourself! A perfect occasion to (re)discover one of the most famous castles in the world.

Repeat on Tuesday 29 June 
Online Talk Online Activity
European Book Club #5:
Anne Enright
The French Library's
'En cuisine'
Thursday 3 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

EUNIC Ireland's European Book Club is a series of monthly discussions on a bestselling novel in English translation.

For the fifth and last session of the year, Culture Ireland is delighted to welcome Anne Enright, one of Ireland’s foremost authors, to discuss her book The Green Road. This book has been translated into several languages including Italian (La strade verde), French (L'Herbe maudite), German (Rosaleens Fest) and Spanish (El Camino de los Madigans).

The event will be moderated by Sinéad Mac Aodha, Director of Literature Ireland.
Tuesday 8 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

The French Library's En cuisine invites you to a step-by-step cooking demonstration of an easy but tasty traditional French dish.

For the 5th edition, the Library team will show you how to prepare gratin dauphinois & flan pâtissier. G
ratin dauphinois is a traditional French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk or cream, using the gratin technique, from the Dauphiné region in south-eastern France. The dish will be complimented perfectly by a flana custard pie that has become a staple of French pâtisserie.
The list of ingredients and materials will be sent beforehand so that everyone can cook and taste together!
Online Talk Online Storytelling
Abigail Seran
Facebook Live Series:
Richard Petitsigne
Wednesday 9 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Alliance Française Dublin and the Swiss Embassy are delighted to welcome the Franco-Swiss author Abigail Seran who will present her new novel D’ici et d’ailleurs.
During a year-long stay in Ireland, Abigail took the opportunity to discover the island and fell in love with this beautiful country and its inhabitants. When she settled back in Switzerland, she decided to write D’ici et d’ailleurs, a novel that builds bridges between these two different cultures. The book focuses on the elderly and their memories and establishes connections between life on the continent and in Ireland.
The interview will be led by Zelda Chauvet, a Swiss journalist, editorial producer and 
narrative consultant. 
Thursday 10 June – 6pm
Live on Facebook 

Join us every week on Facebook for our Alliance Française Live Series, a short live performance by one of our collaborators and friends. These presentations include reading, theatre, drawing, music, cooking and more!

Next up, French actor, storyteller and children’s book author Richard Petitsigne will delight the whole family with a playful traditional story

Richard will also present his artistic activities in France and abroad as well as his most recent books for kids. He will read some excerpts and show us the accompanying illustrations

Replay all previous episodes on Youtube!
Literary Series Online Talk
"Vois-tu Gab..."
by Franck Berthier
Vagabondages Littéraires:
La Déferlante
Episode 6 on 13 June
Streaming on Youtube  

Discover every month on our YouTube a new episode of Vois-tu Gab..., an original 7-part literary series created by Franck Berthier for Alliance Française Dublin.

Franck Berthier is a French actor, stage director, teacher and author. While appearing as a guest during our Franco-Irish Literary Festival in 2019, Franck was overwhelmed by the memory of a youthful romance with the Irish actress Gabrielle Reidy. Upon his return he dived into a hundred letters sent by Gabrielle and felt the uncontrollable urge to respond.

Vois-tu Gab... Franck reminisces and replies to the late actress, trying to establish an impossible conversation that defies time.
Monday 14 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Alliance Française Dublin is delighted to welcome editor Emmanuelle Josse and writer Estelle Benazet Heugenhauser from the new journal La Déferlante, la revue des révolutions féministes.
Conceived as space for the diffusion of knowledge with content that ranges from scholarly, journalistic or activist standpoints, this quarterly independent publication synthesizes contemporary feminist debates and examines the big questions in society through the prism of genre.  The second issue concentrates on the theme of women and food.
The interview will be led by Jean-Philippe Imbert, professor of Comparative Literature and Sexuality Studies at DCU, live from the bookshop La Plume Vagabonde in Paris.
Online Talk Online Talk
Apéro Scientifique:
Dark Matter
Les Wébinaires AF #9:
La BD Franco-Belge
Tuesday 15 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy in Ireland are delighted to present the next set of Apéro Scientifique, a series of casual talks in French about science & society.

Dark matter
is one of the great enigmas of astrophysics. If the particles that constitute it really exist, they should allow us to understand the origins of galaxies. But their nature is still a mystery. Are we missing some massive objects or a new kind of particle? Should we change the laws of physics?
Let’s shed some light on this dark matter with Matthieu Lefrançois, science journalist, and Corinne Augier, physicist and Professor at University de Lyon. Marc Girod (Software Engineer, Salesforce) will present the event in French.
Webinar Wednesday 16 June
6pm-7pm on Zoom  
 Wednesday 23 June
5pm-7pm on Zoom  

Les Wébinaires AF are a new series of online activities in French: join us every 3rd week of the month for a free webinar on a French cultural topic, supplemented by a French course the following week to deepen what was covered in a conversation class setting.
For this 9th edition, 
French teacher Julien Laloy will introduce you to the Franco- Belgian Bande Dessinée. This genre, very much distinct from other traditions in the west (comics) or the east (manga) of the world, has been dubbed the 9th art, it is also a massive industry. Come and discover everything about it with Julien who is also a comics creator!
Online Talk Online Celebration
Les Wébinaires AF #10:
La Normandie
Online Fête de la
Musique in Ireland
Webinar Thursday 17 June
6pm-7pm on Zoom  
 Thursday 24 June
5pm-7pm on Zoom  

Les Wébinaires AF are a new series of online activities in French: join us every 3rd week of the month for a free webinar on a French cultural topic, supplemented by a French course the following week to deepen what was covered in a conversation class setting.
For this 10th edition, 
French teacher Ludivine Tapin will take you to the Normandie region, and go through the main features of its extremely rich history, topography, culture and, of course, gastronomie! 
19 & 21 June – 9pm-11pm
Live on MixCloud  

Every year on 21 June, in France and abroad, we celebrate music and the start of the Summer: it's called La Fête de la Musique!
Tune in on Saturday 19 and Monday 21 June for a special online celebration featuring 4 women Dj performing Live Dj sets on Mixcloud of electronic Music (House/Techno): Laynee (Ireland), Flore (France), Martha van Straaten (Germany) & Chabela (Ivory Coast).

This event is presented by French Friday and LePetitJournal.com Dublin in association with the French and German Embassies in Ireland, the Alliance Française Network, Goethe Institut Irland, Centre Culturel Irlandais and The Church Bar.
Défi Inter-AF: International Student Competition
1st Round: Local Selection on Wednesday 23 June – 6.30pm
Admission free Register before 20 June

This year, the Alliance Française Irish Network is participating in the worldwide contest Défi Inter-AF in which Alliance Française students from all over the world will face each other by answering questions about French culture: art, gastronomy, history, and language.

3 rounds are taking place online:
In June, locally for students of each AF in the Irish Network; in September, nationally, for all Ireland winners; and the International Finale in November between winners from around the world.
The big prize will be a 2-week stay in France at 
Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie, and other prizes at local and national levels include free French courses, Memberships, books, goodies and more! Entry is free and open to all AF students in the Academic Year 2020-2021, from 18 years old and level B1. Register now!

Presented by Fondation des Alliances Françaises, TV5 Monde and Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie.
Online Activity Live Cooking Demo
The French Library's
'Sieste Musicale'
Cooking with
Le Skinny Chef
Tuesday 22 June – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

The Sieste Musicale is back on Zoom! This month we’re taking you to the Loire Valley for a 1-hour auditory journey!
Our librarian will take you on an immersive audio tour around some of the most hidden gems of the region, from its royal castles and gardens to its wonderful landscapes and vines, enriched by iconic tunes celebrating its beaut
We recommend making yourself com- fortable, in a sofa, armchair or bed, to completely enjoy the experience. A unique occasion to dream, maybe sleep, and to get fully energized again after your day!
Thursday 24 June 6pm
Live on Zoom  

French Chef Aymar Gourdet, also known as Le Skinny Chef, is back with us for a new cooking demonstration of a 3-course Vegan menu:
- Tomato tartare with aubergine
- Vegan blanquette of vegetables
- Strawberry, banana, and tapioca mousse

We are thrilled to present this online live masterclass, which you will be able to follow step by step from home. Plenty of good ideas for your summer menu!

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(+353) 1 676 17 32