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The Alliance Française was founded in 1883 in Paris as an “Association nationale pour la propagation de la langue française dans les colonies et à l’étranger” under the aegis of Pierre Foncin and ambassador Paul Cambon. The Paris Alliance was created the following year by a board of directors featuring illustrious names like Jules Verne (writer), Louis Pasteur (chemist and biologist), or Ferdinand de Lesseps (diplomat).


The Alliance Française Network in figures:

813 Afs in 133 countries on all continents

Over 550, 000 students

Over 12, 500 teachers & administrators

Events attended by over 6 million people


Join the Community!
In order to showcase the diversity and unique scale of the network the Alliance française Foundation has  created a new website,  as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts to bring together this gigantic community: to communicate, to share, to develop projects, etc.

For the 1st Journée Amis de l’Alliance française, November 8th 2016, the Foundation is issuing a bold challenge: to bring together 1 million friends!

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A universal vocation   A Multicultural Crossroads   The AF & the Host Country

For over a century, the Alliance Française has been seeing through an ambitious project: Spreading French language and culture well beyond the borders of France. A network of associations set up throughout the world have been benefiting from the Alliance’s mark of quality so as to disseminate the French language abroad. The remarkable longevity and vitality of our institution is due in part to the strong bonds we have built with the citizens, the sponsors of our host country and with the French State. All of the Alliance’s activities (cultural or otherwise), as well as its status as a non-profit association account for some of the ingredients of the Alliance’s current success.

An Alliance is the outgrowth of community-based initiatives and reciprocal adhesion, which have been central to its long term success. The Alliance Française attributes its success to the unwavering loyalty of its public who are impassioned by the French language. Known the all over the world, the Alliance is present in 136 countries where it has adapted its recipe to over a thousand local committees, each with its very own personality.


A leader in teaching French to foreigners, the Alliance Française has pioneered pedagogical methods that take into account the mother tongue and the learning style of all of its students. Alliance teaching methods combine a classic approach to language acquisition and an open-mindedness to new modes of communication. The Alliance is adopting new technologies and has created partnerships and has diversified our course offering.

Today the Alliance Française is incontestably the reference for teaching French as a foreign language. The Alliance’s recognition by the French Education Ministry as well as by European organizations speaks volumes about the Alliance’s leadership in the field.

The Alliance’s pedagogical mission is inextricably linked to its commitment to culture. Hence, the Alliances have forged their identities by meshing French language and French artistic creation with a wonderfully diverse student body. In short, a language truly lives when it is shared.


The Alliances Françaises are independent associations regulated by local law and bound by a common purpose to the Fondation Alliance Française.

The Alliances Françaises are apolitical and nondenominational, which facilitates establishment and long term continuity in numerous countries where it might be otherwise hard to set up shop. Furthermore, the Alliance’s unique status requires democratic governance, which can serve as an excellent introduction to democratic principles depending upon the country.

The establishment of an Alliance abroad is the sole expression initiatives taken by local Francophiles who wish to share their love of French language and culture with their fellow citizens. Internationally, the Alliances do not play a role as a diplomatic representative of France. we work closely in conjunction with the city, region, educational institutions or the key cultural players, regardless of the country where we are implanted