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The French Library is closed for the duration of the Level 5 restrictions (the "click and collect" service is cancelled) but you can still enjoy from home its digital library Culture- thèque and all its weekly online  activities:

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3 - 14 March

Alliance Française Dublin is delighted to be partner again of the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival which brings this year a wonderful selection of  French titles. 

French productions or co-productions include Jumbo, Kubrick par Kubrick, Gagarine, Voir Le Jour, New Order, and René Clair's science-fiction silent classic Paris Qui Dort!

Alliance Française subscribers get a 10% discount on these screenings (promocode  will be sent out), and there will be free tickets to win on our social networks! Follow us and keep your eyes peeled!

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Apéro Scientifique:
Carbon Tax
Lettres Proches:
Paul Lynch
European Book Club #2:
Anne Garréta
Tuesday 2 March – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy are delighted to present a new season of Apéro Scientifique, a series of casual talks in French about science & society.
The first event of the year will focus on Energy in the 21st century with a panel of experts including Antoine Moreau (
optics researcher, Institut Pascal / Université Clermont Auvergne) and Rodolphe Meyer, known as “Le Réveilleur” on YouTube, who will offer a scientific point of view on carbon tax. After making headlines during the French Gilets jaunes movement, and being forgotten by the media, the topic is still relevant as it is complex and polemic. The event will presented in French by Marc Girod (Software Engineer, Salesforce).
From 3 March 
Literary Works  

Initiated by Alliance Française Bahrain, the editorial project Lettres Proches brings together through a collection of letters different authors from around the globe with a common theme: being close.

Alliance Française Dublin is proud to contribute with an original text by Irish writer Paul Lynch in which he questions the impact of new technologies in our contemporary modes of sociality.

The various contributions to
Lettres Proches illustrate the importance of interculturality and also the great vitality of the Alliance Française network all around the world. 
Thursday 4 March – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

EUNIC Ireland's European Book Club is a series of monthly discussions on a bestselling novel in English translation. The European Book Club is held the first Thursday of the month at 6pm with a live discussion with the author of the selected novel.
For the second session,
Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy are proud to present French author Anne Garréta who will talk about her novel Sphinx (1986), the first genderless love story in French. The event will be presented in English by Jean-Philippe Imbert, Professor of Comparative Literature and Sexuality Studies at DCU.

The third European Book Club will take place on Thursday 8 April with German author Dörte Hansen
Online Screening Live Reading Online Activity
International Women's
Day: "Woman"
Facebook Live Series:
Susie Morgenstern
The French Library's
Monday 8 March – 8pm
Streaming on Eventive    

The French Embassy, in association with the Alliance Française network in Ireland and the National Women's Council of Ireland are delighted to present the Irish Premiere screening of Woman by Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand to celebrate International Women's Day and as part of the Francophonie Festival in Ireland.

The documentary, based on first-person encounters, puts together the testimonies of
2,000 women across 50 countries, from Heads of States to beauty queens, and bus drivers to farmers from remote areas, delivering a more comprehensive picture of what it means to be a woman in today’s world.
Tuesday 9 March – 6pm
Live on Facebook 

Join us every week on Facebook for our Alliance Française Live Series, a short live performance by one of our collaborators and friends. These presentations include reading,
theatre, drawing, music, cooking and more!

Next up, American-French author Susie Morgenstern will share her passion for books and read from La La Langue, her famous album that explores how we learn to speak. Susie is particularly remarkable in the world of children’s literature, as she is a native English speaker who chooses to write in French, and who has written more than 100 books for children, teenagers and, more recently, adults.
Thursday 11 March – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Musardise (idling in French) is the French Library's new series of workshops that take you to an online immersive tour of the most important French museums!

This month, we invite you to the famous Château de Versailles for a treasure hunt via Google Arts & Culture.
You will have the opportunity to see the finest features of this monument from the Galerie des glaces to its gardens and paintings!
After a presentation, you'll be left alone to wander in the virtual museum and find a list of important works as part of a team or by yourself! A perfect occasion to (re)discover French Art and History!
Literary SeriesOnline ActivityOnline Talk
"Vois-tu Gab..."
by Franck Berthier
The French Library's
En cuisine
Maram al-Masri
Episode 3 on 13 March
Streaming on Youtube  

Discover every month on our YouTube a new episode of Vois-tu Gab..., an original 7-part literary series created by Franck Berthier for Alliance Française Dublin.

Franck Berthier is a French actor, stage director, teacher and author. While appearing as a guest during our Franco-Irish Literary Festival in 2019, Franck was overwheld by the memory of a youthful romance with the Irish actress Gabrielle Reidy. Upon his return he dived into a hundred letters sent by Gabrielle and felt the uncontrollable urge to respond.

Vois-tu Gab... Franck reminisces and replies to the late actress, trying to establish an impossible conversation that defies time.
Tuesday 16 March – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Another new series of workshops by the French Library this month, En cuisine invites you to a step-by-step cooking demonstration of a traditional French dish.

For the second edition, the French Library team will show you how to prepare Cordon bleu and madeleines. The Cordon bleu consists of meat wrapped around cheese, then breaded and fried – a dish that will match perfectly the traditional small cakes from Commercy and Liverdun, two communes of the Lorraine region in northeastern France.

The list of ingredients and materials will be sent beforehand so that everyone can cook and taste together! 
Thursday 18 March – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

As part of both the Festival de la Francophonie in Ireland, and the Printemps des PoètesAlliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy are delighted to welcome French-speaking Syrian poet Maram al -Masri, a member of The Parliament of Francophone Women Writers, who writes in both French and Arabic.

The discussion will be hosted in English by Judith Mok, a Dutch writer and classical singer, who will question Maram al-Masri on her prose, her life in France and her position as a Syrian woman in exile. Theo Dorgan, award-winning poet and translator of Maram Al-Masri’s poems into English, will also take part in the talk.