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The Alliance Française Dublin's Cultural Centre has gone fully online! Join us on Zoom and Facebook for live cultural events including workshops, screenings, readings, theatre performance, drawing, music, cooking and more! 

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Have you cancelled your Summer vacation in France? Are you still hesitant to go in public places? There are so many services on the Internet that will whisk you away to different places!
Here is a short selection of some of our favourite online platforms and curated links for free exploring, reading, watching, listening, dreaming with the French culture!

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Discover amazing talents and influencers coming from all around the World who learned French and went #plusloin! What about you, how far will you go with the French language?
Find out more on, watch celebrities highlighting how the French language help them in their career
also having a go at a tongue-twister! 

The #plusloin international digital campaign promoted by the global networks of Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises encou- rages young learners from all backgrounds and origins to go further in their studies, their life experience, their dreams, their travels and their career path, thanks to the French language.

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The French Library is closed for the duration of the Level 5 restrictions (the "click and collect" service is cancelled) but you can still enjoy from home its digital library Culture- thèque and all its weekly online  activities:

Toddlers' Time
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Live on Zoom  
Reading Aloud
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The French Library also organises one-off workshops, stay updated by following them on Facebook and Instagram!
À la Une Live Reading Online Talk
Replay the Franco-Irish
Literary Festival 2021
Facebook Live Series:
Lisa McInerney
European Book Club #4:
Andrés Barba

15 - 17 April
Stream on Youtube  

Organised by Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy, the 21st edition of the Franco-Irish Literary Festival took place online in April.

This year's theme was Making A Better World / Refaire le Monde, allowing discussions to focus on new ecological and environmental approaches in Literature.

Online panel discussions, readings, and interviews and the opening show can all be replayed on Youtube with English subtitles.

Wednesday 5 May – 6pm
Live on Facebook 

Join us every week on Facebook for our Alliance Française Live Series, a short live performance by one of our collaborators and friends. These presentations include reading, theatre, drawing, music, cooking and more!

Next up, Irish writer Lisa McInerney will read from her brand new novel The Rules of Revelation published this month.
A tale of reckonings, reunions, and recriminations, The Rules of Revelation is about coming home, growing up and understanding that the place that shaped you doesn’t need to be the place that breaks you. It is the last instalment in her sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll trilogy, including The Glorious Heresies (2015) and The Blood Miracles
Thursday 6 May – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

EUNIC Ireland's European Book Club is a series of monthly discussions on a bestselling novel in English translation. The European Book Club is held on the first Thursday of the month with a live discussion with the author of the selected novel.

For the fourth session,  
Instituto Cervantes Dublin will host a discussion on the book A Luminous Republic by Spanish author Andrés Barba, translated into English by Lisa Dillman. Presented in English by journalist Antonio Jaén, followed by Q&A.

The fifth European Book Club will take place on Thursday 3 June with Irish author Anne Enright.
Online Screening Online Festival Literary Series
Europe Day
"Short Shorts"
Comic Book Festival
Dublin 2021
"Vois-tu Gab..."
by Franck Berthier
9 - 12 May
Streaming on Eventive  

To celebrate Europe Day on Sunday 9 May,  EUNIC Ireland is delighted to present a free online screening of its 2020 Short Shorts from Europe programme,  a selection of the best short films from the home countries of eight members of EUNIC Ireland, along with shorts supported by Cork Film Festival, Irish Film Institute and the Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT.

Let Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the UK entertain you with a variety of genres by contemporary, cutting-edge filmmakers.

After the screening you will be asked to vote for your favourite film using your phone.

11-15 May

Free online events   

This year Alliance Française Dublin and Illustrators Ireland are celebrating 6 years of partnership in presenting the Comic Book Festival / Fête de l’Illustration & de la Bande Dessinée, with the support of the French Embassy in Ireland. Our mutual goal has been to bring together French and Irish talents to showcase the growing platform of comics, graphic novels and narrative art. With the French reputation for outstanding visual language, and the Irish history of storytelling, this blending of talents is sure to result in a festival of exciting international comics work.

From 11 to 15 May
the Festival will host a series of online events including discussions, live readings, a screening and children’s creative workshops.
Episode 5 on 13 May
Streaming on Youtube  

Discover every month on our YouTube a new episode of Vois-tu Gab..., an original 7-part literary series created by Franck Berthier for Alliance Française Dublin.

Franck Berthier is a French actor, stage director, teacher and author. While appearing as a guest during our Franco-Irish Literary Festival in 2019, Franck was overwhelmed by the memory of a youthful romance with the Irish actress Gabrielle Reidy. Upon his return he dived into a hundred letters sent by Gabrielle and felt the uncontrollable urge to respond. In Vois-tu Gab... Franck reminisces and replies to the late actress, trying to establish an impossible conversation that defies time.
Online Screening Online Cooking Online Talk
"Le Mystère Henri Pick"
Fête de la Bretagne 2021
The French Library's
'En cuisine'
Les Wébinaires AF #7:
L'art de rue
15-17 May
Streaming on Eventive    

As part of the Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh, the French Embassy and the Alliance Française network in Ireland invite you to the free online screening of Rémi Bezançon's Le Mystère Henry Pick (2019).

Adapted from David Foenkinos' eponymous novel, Le Mystère Henry Pick is a witty and humourous whodunit starring Camille Cottin (Call My Agent), Fabrice Luchini, and the charm of rural Brittany.

Other free events in collaboration with
Breizheire, and the Galway-Lorient Twinning Committee will celebrate Breton tradition and spirit in May including online performance and exhibition – full programme available soon.
Tuesday 18 May – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

The French Library's En cuisine invites you to a step-by-step cooking demonstration of an easy but tasty traditional French dish.

For the 4th edition, the Library team will show you how to prepare galettes/crêpes bretonnes & Quatre-quarts. The Crêpe bretonne is a traditional dish in Brittany which can be made of wheat (sweet crêpe) or buckwheat (savoury crêpe) and may be eaten plain, or filled. The dish  will be complimented perfectly by Quatre-quarts, a Breton cake which takes its name
(literally "four quarters") from the fact that its four ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, eggs) are used in equal quantity.
The list of ingredients and materials will be sent beforehand so that everyone can cook and taste together!
Webinar Wednesday 19 May
6pm-7pm on Zoom  
 Wednesday 26 May
5pm-7pm on Zoom  

Les Wébinaires AF are a new series of online activities in French: join us every 3rd week of the month for a free webinar on a French cultural topic, supplemented by a French course the following week to deepen what was covered in a conversation class setting.
For this 7th edition, 
French teacher Clément Juillerac will introduce you to the Art de rue français. The Street Art movement has deep roots in France and continues to be particularly lively in this country with its long tradition of both visual arts and political contestation.
Online Talk Special Event Online Activity
Les Wébinaires AF #8:
AF Dublin Shortlisted
at Education Awards '21
The French Library's
Sieste Musicale
Webinar Thursday 20 May
6pm-7pm on Zoom  
 Thursday 27 May
5pm-7pm on Zoom  

Les Wébinaires AF are a new series of online activities in French: join us every 3rd week of the month for a free webinar on a French cultural topic, supplemented by a French course the following week to deepen what was covered in a conversation class setting.
For this 8th edition, 
French teacher Catherine McSherry will introduce you to you to the historic city of Nantes and go through the main features of its extremely rich heritage, culture and gastronomie

Results onThursday 20 May
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We are honoured to be shortlisted in the "Best Language School" and "Best Online Learning Experience" categories in the Education Awards 2021!
This nomination recognised the ambitious changes Alliance Française Dublin engaged last year to its structures and operations with a view to creating a fully immersive innovative experience online for its students and members in the COVID-19 context. 

An independent panel of expert judges, drawn from the highest echelons of the Educational Institutions in Ireland will announce the winners on Thursday 20 May at an online ceremomy. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Tuesday 25 May – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

The Sieste Musicale is back on Zoom! This month we’re taking you to Angoulême and its region for a 1-hour auditory journey!

Our librarian will take you on an immersive audio tour around some of the most hidden gems of the Comic Book capital of the World, from its ramparts to its museums,
enriched by iconic tunes celebrating the region’s beauty.

We recommend making yourself com- fortable, in a sofa, armchair or bed, to completely enjoy the experience. A unique occasion to dream, maybe sleep, and to get fully energized again after your day!