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The Alliance Française Dublin's Cultural Centre has gone fully online! Join us on Zoom and Facebook for live cultural events including workshops, screenings, readings, theatre performance, drawing, music, cooking and more! 

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Have you cancelled your Summer vacation in France? Are you still hesitant to go in public places? There are so many services on the Internet that will whisk you away to different places!
Here is a short selection of some of our favourite online platforms and curated links for free exploring, reading, watching, listening, dreaming with the French culture!

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21 September - 2 October 

Discover amazing talents and influencers coming from all around the World who learned French and went #plusloin! What about you, how far will you go with the French language?
Find out more on, watch celebrities highlighting how the French language help them in their career (
also having a go at a tongue-twister) or have a chat on WhatsApp with a French speaker living in Ireland!
The #plusloin international digital campaign promoted by the global networks of Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises encou- rages young learners
from all backgrounds and origins to go further in their studies, their life experience, their dreams, their travels and their career path, thanks to the French language.

Thursday 24 September – 6pm
Live on Zoom  

Join us on Zoom every last Thursday of the month for a special free screening of one of our favourite recent films. We'll start with a few words and then stream the film directly on Zoom through screenshare. It will be just like old times except we won't be able to offer you that glass of wine!

For this 4th online edition, we have selected the heartwarming French comedy drama film Les Souvenirs (Memories, 2014) directed by Jean-Paul Rouve and adapted from the bestselling novel by David Foenkino.

It was celebrated for the strong performances by a seasoned ensemble cast featuring the legendary Annie Cordy (who sadly passed away this month), Michel Blanc, and Chantal Lauby.
Online Talk Live Reading Live Reading
Edna O'Brien's 'Girl'
Facebook Live Series:
John Boyne
Facebook Live Series:
Clara Dupuis-Morency
Friday 25 September – 5pm
Admission free 

How do you go about translating Irish novelist, memoirist, playwright, poet and short story writer Edna O'Brien's award-winning literature?
In celebration of the 2020 European Day of Languages, the Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation is teaming up with EUNIC (EU National Institutes for Culture in Ireland that include Alliance Française Dublin, Ambassade de France, Goethe Institut, Cervantes Instituto & Istituto Italiano di Cultura), to discuss how some of Ireland's greatest literature is made available in different languages.
Translators of Edna O'Brien's most recent novel, Girl, into French, German, Italian, and Spanish will discuss the challenges of translating this novel. We will also hear from Edna O'Brien herself, who will tell us what it is like for her to see her work translated.
Tuesday 28 September – 5pm
Live on Facebook 

Join us every week on Facebook for our Alliance Française Live Series, a short live performance by one of our collaborators and friends. These presentations include reading, theatre, drawing, music, cooking and more!

Next up, Irish writer John Boyne will read excerpts from his novel A Traveller at the Gates of Wisdom (2020).

John Boyne is the author of  novels for adults and younger readers, and short stories. His 2006 novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and has been adapted for cinema, theatre, ballet and opera. John has won 3 Irish Book Awards along with many other international literary prizes and his novels are published in over 50 languages.
Thursday 6 October – 5pm
Live on Facebook 

Join us every week on Facebook for our Alliance Française Live Series, a short live performance by one of our collaborators and friends. These presentations include reading, theatre, drawing, music, cooking and more!

Next up, canadian writer Clara Dupuis- Morency will read from her first book, Mère d'invention.

Clara Dupuis-Morency lives and writes in Montreal.
Originally published in Quebec in 2018,Mère d'invention has just been released in France. She developed an affinity for Ireland in 2019, when she participated in the Franco- Irish Literary Festival. Upon her return to Montreal, she published a letter addressed to Irish writer Doireann Ní Ghríofa in a Quebec literary journal.