Brochure & Timetable   Cultural Clubs at the Alliance Française
For more information, please contact:

Bookings can be made over the phone
by calling +353 (0) 1 676 1732 or in
person at Reception.


Join our Cultural Clubs to practice, learn, meet people, and have fun! No particular level or knowledge in the subjects is required but a minimum level of French is advised to be able to follow. Please note that payment in full required to reserve your space.


Yoga from September 24th
Tuesdays 12.30pm (adults) / 1.45pm (toddlers) / 3pm (children)
16 1-hour sessions – €160
Hosted by French professional yoga instructor Hélène Thomas.


Théâtre from September 25th
Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm
16 2-hour sessions – €320
Under the direction of professional actor and teacher Anne Nakache, working towards 2 performances.

Chorale from September 25th
Wednesdays 12.45-2pm
16 75-min sessions – €
Under the direction professional teacher Lucie O'Flynn, working towards a concert.
Lecture from October 15th
Tuesdays 1-2pm
€5 per session
Hosted in The French Library by a team of French lectrices.