Alliance Française Dublin and Irish poet and translator Peter O’Neill are delighted to invite you to this Literary Festival to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

A diverse range of poets, writers and translators from around the world, are invited in to discuss why France’s greatest poet is even more relevant today than ever before. They will argue on the importance of Baudelaire’s writings in the context of contemporary literature in Ireland. Charles Baudelaire's poetry announced modernity and made him a precursor of symbolism and surrealism. A considered cursed and tortured poet, Charles Baudelaire wrote about the duality between good and evil, pleasure and violence, beauty and ugliness. Unrecognized during his lifetime, he did not receive acclaim until after his death.

Join us for a series of panel discussions, live on Zoom, and the book launch of Peter O’Neill's sixth collection of poetry, Henry Street Arcade, a bilingual edition translated by French poet Yan Kouton.
All events are free of charge but booking is required.
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Peter O’Neill
  Christophe Bregaint

Hélène Cardona
Born in Cork in 1967, Peter O’Neill is the author of six collections of poetry, a volume of translation The Enemy - Transversions from Charles Baudelaire (2015), and a work of fictional prose More Micks than Dicks, a hybrid Beckettian novella in 3 genres (2017). He has also edited two anthologies, An Agamemnon Dead (2015) in collaboration with poet Walter Ruhlmann and The Gladstone Readings (2017). With an academic background in philosophy and comparative literature, BA and MA respectively (DCU), Peter O’Neill has given a number of presentations on Samuel Beckett and with a particular focus on Beckett’s last novel Comment C’est How It Is.
His latest book Henry Street Arcade, a bilingual collection of sonnets inspired by Walter Benjamin and Baudelaire, will be launched at the festival.
Born in Paris in 1970, Christophe Bregaint is the author of five collections of poetry; Route de Nuit (2015), Encore une nuit sans rêves (2016), A l’avant-garde des ruines (2017), Dernier atome d’un horizon (2018) and finally Passé le point de rupture (2021).
This is the second time that Chistophe Bregaint has collaborated with the Irish poet Peter O’Neill on an event commemorating Baudelaire. In November 2017, the two poets took part in a reading in a “cave à vin” on l’Isle Saint Louis, not far from where the poet used to live, to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Baudelaire’s death.
Hélène Cardona’s books include Life in Suspension/La Vie SuspendueDreaming My Animal Selves/Le Songe de mes Âmes Animales and the translations Birnam Wood (José Manuel Cardona), Beyond Elsewhere (Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac), Ce que nous portons  (Dorianne Laux), and Walt Whitman’s Civil War Writings for WhitmanWeb.
Her work has been translated into 16 languages. The recipient of over 20 honors and awards, including the Independent Press Award, International Book Award and Hemingway Grant, she holds an MA in American Literature from the Sorbonne, worked as a translator for the Canadian Embassy, and taught at Hamilton College and LMU.
Guest   Guest   Guest
Edith De Belleville
  RJ Dent
(United Kingdom)
  Marc di Saverio
Edith de Belleville is a native Parisienne, a licensed tour guide in Paris and an author. Edith published in 2018 a book about inspirational Parisian women from the past Belles et Rebelles, à l'ombre des grandes Parisiennes. She is also a qualified French teacher as a foreign language.
She teaches the Jewish heritage in Paris at University Gustave Eiffel (Marne la Vallée). Edith is also a barrister and a comic girl when she is in good mood.
RJ Dent is a novelist, poet, translator, essayist, and short story writer. As a renowned translator of European literature, RJ Dent has published modern English translations of Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil (2009), Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror (2011) and  Georges Bataille’s The Dead Man (2020). He has published English translations of works by Guillaume Apollinaire, Louis Aragon, Antonin Artaud, André Breton, Paul Éluard, Maurice Heine, Maurice Rollinat and the Marquis de Sade.
He is the author of a poetry collection, Moonstone Silhouettes, and a novel, Myth. He is the author/translator of several chapters in Sade: Sex and Death, a non-fiction study of the Marquis de Sade’s influence on the Surrealists.
Marc di Saverio hails from Hamilton, Canada. His poems and translations have appeared internationally. In Canadian Notes and Queries Magazine, di Saverio's Sanatorium Songs (2013) was hailed as "the greatest poetry debut from the past 25 years." In 2016 he received the City of Hamilton Arts Award for Best Emerging Writer. In 2017, his work was broadcasted on BBC Radio 3, his debut became a best seller in both Canada and the United States, and he published his first book of translations: Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Emile Nelligan. He recently published his epic poem, Crito Di Volta. He is currently writing his first novel, The Daymaker. Di Saverio's poem, Weekend Pass, was adapted into the movie, Candy directed by Cassandra Cronenberg, and starring the author himself which went to the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013.
Guest   Guest   Guest
Fred Johnston
  Kevin Kiely
  Nina Kossman

Fred Johnston was born in Belfast in 1951. Most recently, his poems have appeared in The Spectator, The New Statesman, and a short story in Stand magazine. In 1972, he received a Hennessy Literary Award for prose. In the mid-Seventies, with Neil Jordan and Peter Sheridan, he co-founded The Irish Writers’ Co-operative (Co-Op Books). In 2002, he was a co-recipient of the Prix de l’Ambassade, Ireland. His most recent collection of short stories, Dancing In The Asylum, was published by Parthian.
Fred has published nine collections of poems, four novels and two collections of short stories, one of which has been translated into French. He has also composed poetry in French and published it in France in magazines such as Ouste, Hopala!, Le Moulin de Poésie and Le Grognard, among others.
Kevin Kiely is an Irish poet, critic and author. He obtained a PHD (UCD), a MPhil (TCD) and a Fulbright Scholar in Poetry Washington (DC). He is an Honorary Fellow in Writing, University of Iowa. Some of his publications include QuintesseBreakfast with Sylvia awarded Patrick Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry; Plainchant for a SunderingUCD Belfield Metaphysical: a retrospective (2018); Seamus Heaney and the Great Poetry Hoax (2018); Harvard’s Patron: Jack of All Poets (2018); Arts Council Immortals (2020); Cromwell Milton Collins Carson (2020); Endgames: Good Friday Agreement & Missus Windsor’s Hitmen (2020). He received five Arts Council Literature Bursary Awards and a Bisto Award for A Horse Called El Dorado.
Moscow born, Nina Kossman is a bilingual Russian-American writer, poet, translator of Russian poetry, painter, and playwright. Among her published works are two books of poems in Russian and English, two volumes of translations of Marina Tsvetaeva’s poems, two books of short stories, an anthology published by Oxford University Press, several plays, and a novel. Her work has been translated into Greek, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. She received a UNESCO/PEN Short Story Award, an NEA fellowship, and grants from Foundation for Hellenic Culture, the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, and Fundación Valparaíso. She lives in New York.
Guest   Guest   Guest
Yan Kouton
  Linda Morales Caballero (Peru/USA)
  Daniel Wade
Yan Kouton is a poet, novelist, and lyricist and edits the online review Les Cosaques des Frontières. A Breton, in origin, he has published a number of novels;  Le  Passeur (2005), Les Oiseaux de Proie (2007) and Des Effrondements Souterrains (2011) all published by Editions Zinedi. He is also a published poet, having had a number of publications, among them Le Mots sur l’emoi (2017) and Volutes (2018). Yan is currently based in Paris.   
Yan Kouton and Peter O’Neill have collaborated before on a number of translation projects together, though Henry Street Arcade is their first book length collaboration.
Linda Morales Caballero is a writer, journalist, professor, and speaker who graduated Cum Laude from Hunter College, New York. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Literature, Media Communications, and a master’s degree in Ibero-American Literature.
She has worked for CUNY, the Department of Education, and the United Nations. She was a correspondent for El Comercio and a collaborator of Caretas magazine from Lima, Peru. She is a literary critic for
Her poetry includes Desde el umbralPoemas vivos, EncantamientoCollagePoemas del amor cruelEl rumor de las cosas. She also wrote El libro de los enigmas which has been adapted into a play, a short film and monologues. Her work appears in anthologies and literary magazines in various countries and languages. She is also editor for Nueva York Poetry Press.
Daniel Wade is a writer from Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. In January 2017, his play The Collector opened the 20th anniversary season of the New Theatre, Dublin. In January 2020 his radio drama Crossing the Red Line was broadcast on RTE Radio 1 Extra, and later won a silver award at the New York Festivals Radio Awards for Best Digital Drama. Daniel was the Hennessy New Irish Writing winner for April 2015 in The Irish Times, and his poetry and short fiction have featured in over two dozen publications since 2012. His debut collection Rapids is due to be published by Finishing Line Press in 2021, while his novel A Land Without Wolves will be published by Temple Dark Books in October of the same year.
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