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Next French courses for all ages from June 6th
Next free placement test from May 16th

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French For Holiday   French Courses   French Courses
Le Français
des Vacances
  Summer Term
for Adults
  Summer Camps
for Teenagers

4 week session 6 June - 29 July
7 - 23 July
Available mornings or evenings


Make the most of your holidays! This programme designed for beginners (level A1 & A2) focuses on practical situations that tourists will most likely encounter when travelling in a French-speaking country: get directions, read tourist information, order in a restaurant, shop, book a place to stay, make travel arrangements, organise a trip, and, of course, interact with people.
With over 20 hours of class, students will improve their command of the language, get useful phrases, cultural tips, savoir-vivre and savoir-faire that will help them before and during their stay.


8 week session  6 June - 28 July
Free assessments on 29, 30, 31 May between 4.30 and 6.30pm

The Summer Term is open to both former and new students. It features general French courses, conversation courses, refresher' classes, French for Holidays, Preparation for French exams are available over 8 weeks for adults.

Assessments are free of charge and no appointment is required. You don't need an assessment if you are a complete beginner or if you are already a student with the Alliance, you can enrol directly online.


2 week programme every 2 weeks  Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm - 30 hours in total – €350
Dates & Registration for Junior Teens
Dates & Registration for Senior Teens
Dates & Registration for
Starter Teens

Our summer courses for teenagers are designed to complement classes already attended at secondary school and to lay the groundwork for the school year ahead. They provide a diversification and broadening of the language in an interactive and fun way, with a focus on relevant interests and topics.
3 groups are available: Junior Teens (going into 2nd and 3rd Year), Senior Teens (going into 4th, 5th and 6th year) Starter Teens (going into 1st Year or complete beginners).

French Courses   French Courses   Screenings
Summer Camps
for Children
  Summer Camps
for Toddlers
  French Touch:
French Online Series Night
4 week session  6 June - 1 July Available Saturday morning & Wednesday afternoon €50 – €80
1 week camp every week Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2pm 20 hours in total – €220
Dates & Registration for 4-6 Years Old
Dates & Registration for 7-10 Years Old

Learn and play in French: Arts and Crafts, songs, outdoor games (subject to weather) and much more... "C'est l'été / French Summer Fun" takes place every week, with different activities. The classes will be led by child-friendly native-French qualified teachers. All children are welcome, whatever their level! Register for 2 camps or more and receive a 10% discount on the second camp!

4 week session  6 June - 1 July Available Saturday morning & Thursday afternoon €30 – €50

Cutting-edge Toddlers Programme A Petits Pas offers an innovative programme for toddlers and their parents which aims to enrich your child’s intellectual development and ability to be open to other languages and cultures, and to deepen the parent-child bond. Classes are are limited to 8 children and divided into 4 different age groups : 12-24 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years old, plus  a 3/4 years old bilingual group.

We are extremely proud to be the recipient of the prestigious European Language Label, coordinated by the European Commission that rewards outstanding improvement in the quality of language teaching and learning.

Tuesday 30 May   6.30pm
Admission free 

Dublin Web Festival is the first Irish celebration of online storytelling. Since 2015 it has been showcasing international creative online series on big screen with an Irish grounding and a quirky French touch.

The Festival team decided to keep up with the online creativity by offering a special screening at the Alliance Française on May 30th 2017 where la crème de la crème of French web series will be shown in the newly refurbished French Library. Selections will include Authentik, Surf Therapy, Kill Skills or Gabriel among others.


Concert   Theatre   Talk
Alliance Française Choir
Annual Recital
  AF Drama Club Annual
Show: "On joue ce soir ?"
  ATD Quart Monde: The
Joseph Wresinski Legacy

Wednesday 31 May – 7.30pm
Admission free

Get your summer off to a sunny start at our annual Maytime concert! The Alliance Française Choir, under the direction of Lucie O’Flynn, cordially invites you to an evening of song and entertainment with a repertoire of French songs, in a variety of styles, ranging from the 16th century to the contemporary, from Passerau to Gounod and Stern.

The AF Choir meets up every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm from September to May and is open to everyone no matter their level, French speakers and non-speakers alike.


Friday 9 June 2017 –  7pm
Admission free
Saturday 10
June 2017 –  7pm
Admission free

The Alliance Française Drama Club members invite you to the performances of their new show “On joue ce soir ?

Will the show be ready on time? Will the actors be set for the final call? Will the director have finished pulling her hair out trying to find solutions to the obstacles in her way? Will there be an audience to speak of? May be you’ll find out by attending this delightful charade!


Tuesday 13 June 2017 5pm to 7pm
Admission free

Meet the French man who first introduced the concept of social exclusion, who initiated the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty and is the inspirational figure behind the 2012 UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty.
Join a 2 hours "Wresinski Legacy Free Workshop" organised by All Together in Dignity (ATD) Ireland with the support of the Alliance Française to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Joseph Wresinski.
Workshop will be run in French and English.

Teachers' Training   Screening   Screening
French Teachers
Summer Bootcamp 2017
  IFI French Film Club:
From the Land of the Moon
L'Homme de Rio
Monday 26 to Friday 30 June 2017
€250 / Bursaries for selected candidates       

The Alliance Française Dublin is proud to launch its 6th Annual Bootcamp for French teachers including: 7 workshops with teaching strategies / 1 language course for personal linguistic development / 2 round tables with specialists / 1 Teach Meet / 1 welcome lunch at La Cocotte café and 2 social events (screening & karaoke)! Under the frame of the training plan for French teachers, the Alliance Française Dublin, in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills, is delighted to offer 20 bursaries to secondary school teachers.


Wednesday 28 June – 6.15pm
€9.40 / €7.50 AF & IFI Members

Actress/director Nicole Garcia’s adaptation of Milena Agus’ novella features another wholly immersed performance from Marion Cotillard as Gabrielle, a rebellious spirit in post-WWII France. Beginning in the 1950s, Garcia presents an extended flashback to 1940s Provence where Gabrielle’s flagrant disregard for social norms leads her harried parents to give her an ultimatum: choose marriage or the madhouse. The family strikes a deal with Spanish farmer José (Alex Brendemühl) whom they will set up in business if he agrees to take her off their hands.

Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin 2


Thursday 29 June – 7.30pm
€6 / Free for Premium Members

Save the date: the newly refurbished multiform space of the French Library now hosts a Cinéclub every last Thursday of the month!

A rare chance to (re)discover the classic and extravagant adventures of two of the biggest French stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Françoise Dorléac: Philippe de Broca's L'Homme de Rio (1964).

The Cinéclub is free for Alliance Française Premium Members among many other advantages! More on Memberships